view hidden app in kindle

Go to Settings>scroll down and find Application manager (This step is similar to all the android phones)

There will be a list of apps running on your mobile which include hidden apps also. On the top right-hand side there will be three dot click that > system application> then you can view all the pre-install system apps which are hidden.

There is no actual way to hide apps on stock android launcher, but if the user uses any custom launcher like Nova, Apex etc, they can hide apps using the fuctionality to hide apps. You can search for small buttons in these launchers which are used to reveal those apps. For example, in Nova Launcher, in main app drawer, there is a small triangle and by clicking it you can slect All apps and reveal hidden apps.

Another way is to use Google App. If you know the name of the hidden app go search for it the Google app and then you might be able to find.

Third way is to check the Settings of the phone. Go to Apps section of your settings and have a look at the Downloaded apps section.

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