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I get to a web page and I repeatedly get an error message saying “tab not responding” I then have two options ” yes restore tabs” or no cancel, if I choose yes it restores the tabs but within a few seconds the error message pops back up. if I choose no the program closes, and when I reopen it the same error message pops back up. any help on how to fix this will be appreciated?

HOW TO SOLVE “tab not responding” kindle fire

You may benefit from resetting your browser: * Go to your HOME page * Swipe down from the top > More… > Applications > Installed Applications * All Applications * Scroll down to “Silk” * Under “Storage”, “Clear Data” Nothing will be lost or harmed by doing this, though you will lose your browser bookmarks and passwords. You will need to reset some things in your Web Settings after doing this. * Open the Web browser * Click on the Menu icon (garage door icon) on the bottom bar * Settings * Be sure JavaScript is still enabled * Acceleration OFF

How to reset kindle fire?

Unplug your Kindle from the charger. Hold the power button in for 30 seconds (timed) and then release it. Press the power button to turn your Kindle back on. This will reboot your Kindle.

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