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Power Modes on Your Kindle

The Kindle has three modes for those times when you are not reading it. Familiarizing yourself with these power modes will make it easier to understand what your device is doing and how to get back to what you were reading.

On: To turn on the Kindle , press and release the power button. On a device without special offers, you see the page that you last viewed. On a Kindle with special offers, you see the swipe-screen version of the current special offer. Swipe the screen (or tap the bottom of the screen) to go to the page you were on when the device went into Sleep mode or was turned off.

Sleep: To put the Kindle in Sleep mode, press and release the power button. A screensaver appears on the display.

Off: To turn off the Kindle , press and hold down the power button for 5–7 seconds, until the charge indicator light (located next to the power button) blinks and the screen goes blank.

Until November 2013, passengers were required to turn off their Kindles when on a plane during takeoff and landing and anytime the plane was flying at less than 10,000 feet. However, the FAA has recently amended its rules to expand the use of personal electronic devices during all phases of a flight— they hope to provide passengers with a “gate-to-gate” reading, gaming, and video-watching experience. Each airline carrier will be able to decide individually how to implement these new rules on their planes. As a result, things will be “up in the air” for several months as airlines decide how to proceed. The takeaway for Kindle-reading passengers is to listen carefully to all announcements from the flight attendants and pilot and, if required, to turn off your Kindle during takeoff and landing.

You can easily tell the difference between Sleep and Off modes by the presence (or absence) of a screensaver. A Kindle that is asleep has something displayed on the screen. When turned off, the screen is blank.

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