play store apk for kindlefire

playstore apk for kindle fireHow to download and install Google Play on Kindle Fire :

* Download Google Play Store APK file for free from here.

* Download and install the ES File Explorer app from here.

Google Play Store APK on kindle fire Installation:

* Open the ES File Explorer and enable : Root Explorer, Super User, Mount File System on the app’s Settings options.

* The first installation to be done will be for the required three files – Google Play Service, Login Service, and Service Framework. The installation of these APK files is done using ES File explorer.

* Once these three files have been successfully installed, you can then install Vending to the system. Again, ES File Explorer should be used. First of all, you will need to open ES File Explorer, go to Tools, then Root Explorer, and then choose Mount R/W, before setting Path/ and /system to RW. This process gives you the permission to write information to the system.

* Once the process above is complete, you should copy and paste the APK file’s name to system/app.

* At this point, you should tap on the Vending APK file to install it on the Kindle Fire tablet.

* After the above applications have been installed, it is now time to install Google Play Store. You just need to tap on the Google Play APK file and install it.

* During the installation of Google Play file, you may be prompted to choose to replace an application. If so, just choose to replace and the app will be installed.

After Google Play Store has been successfully installed on the tablet, you should reboot it. Even though all the above steps have been followed correctly and all the five files have been installed successfully, Google Play Store may still fail to appear on the list of apps on your Kindle Fire because the inbuilt Amazon Launcher fails to recognize it. In order to eliminate this problem, you will need to install the ADWLauncher APK file.

When installing ADWLaucher, Kindle Fire will give you the option to use the app by default. You should select this option. After selecting ADWLaucher, it will be installed and set as the default launcher and Google Play Store should now appear on your list of apps. You can now go to Google Play Store and start downloading your favorite Android apps without a problem.

If this options do not success please use this way : google play store app install kindle fire

Good luck to try play store apk for kindle fire installation. Please share it to your friend!

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