New Kindle 2018: Best of The Best Kindle All Along 2018

New Kindle 2018– It is one of favorite app for knowledge or education especially for young learners. Kindle is really useful for parents because they can take control of what their children do. This is so helpful as well as joyful for kids to have a new thing to play with. Since there are many kinds of kindle, it’s sometimes not easy to choose the right one. Both look from the price, the performance, the appearance, and also the usage. So, here are few list of kindle in 2018 and it’s features and also benefit that you can make it as a reference.

1. Paper white Kindle

Paper white KindleThis kindle namely paper white is the most favorite among its friends. This kindle has a really balance between its features and the price tag. You can get the new update by having this version of kindle. It has the new operating system as well as more features like advanced system for typesetting and also it has a good readable font. So, it will be really comfortable for you to read when in bed. This kindle is also not heavy and super bright. It will also give you unlimited data connection for 3G signal.

2. Oasis Kindle

Oasis Kindle 2018Oasis is one of the new kindle 2018 that is also great. It has a luxurious appearance and it also gives a great experience for those who like reading. This is a perfect device ever because it is one of the best kindle. It is designed with aluminum on its back and the screen is using 12 LED which is so lighter. It has an excellent lighting customization that you can personalize automatically. This kindle is completed with the IPX8 water proof in which this device is safe when you play it in the bathroom, swimming pool, or beach. So, you can take your picture on the water easily without being afraid your device will be broken. Oasis Kindle also has audible audiobooks, so you can enjoy the book without reading it. Just listen to it with one condition: you have Bluetooth device. It’s such a complete device ever.

3. E-Reader Kindle

E-Reader KindleE-reader kindle maybe the cheap kindle among others. It costs only $79 so it is the best choice for the book worn with a low budget. It is not heavy at all and it is capable to be used for couple hours. This kindle is so light when you want to read story or book from it. it supports in touch screen as well so it makes you easy to access the display. The benefit from e-reader is that it has integration with Goodreads so you can read as many books as you want from Goodreads. This also offers you with unlimited free-time to read in Goodreads. The body of e-reader kindle is super slick so you have to be careful when using it. also do not read under the backlight lamp or light because it will break the screen display. That’s all the list of super new kindle 2018.

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