minecraft won’t to open on kindlefire


minecraft won’t open / crasing on kindle fire? For the Kindle Fire there are a couple of solutions that I found that might work for you. Try these and let us know what worked and what didn’t.

  1. Go to your phone storage. find Storage/games/com.mojang/mincraftworlds/ there will be folders containing your worlds. Try to copy them somewhere else (just in case mojang somehow figure out the bug)
  2. Delete them (WARNING! – your worlds will be deleted except if you copy the files) then restart.

If that works awesome! 🙂 If not, try this tips below :

  • Try reinstalling Minecraft pe and copy your worlds and texture pack (Faithful 64×64) to your computer this might just work! As soon as you copy the worlds back to Minecraft, it will crash again but without copying your worlds, it worked perfectly fine! (Use the right browser to copy your worlds) What I would suggest doing is copying your worlds somewhere, reinstalling minecraft and playing without your old worlds. When 0.15.3 (which it might have already came out) comes out, maybe try copying your worlds back to minecraft as it is said to be fixed.

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