kindle fire sideload [install google play]

sideload kindle fire hd 10I’ve finally managed to destroy all of the Google glitches on Fire OS after much troubleshooting and many factory resets. This guide will show you how to permanently fix the following issues:

  • Gmail closing after right after opening
  • Google Contacts not pulling your contacts
  • Google Calendar not pulling your calendar

This requires some patience.

Reported Bugs:

  • Gmail crashes when opening an attachment in an email and some users are speculating it’s the Amazon Download Manager causing the crash. I’m looking into it.



Step 1: Enable install of “Apps from Unknown Sources”:

  • Go to Settings > Security and enable “Apps from Unknown Sources”. This will allow you to sideload the Google APKs that you’ll need in order to install the Google Play store onto your Fire HD.

Step 2: Download and install these APKs in sequence: (I’ve included their package names below so they are easier to locate in the Fire HD Docs app!)

  1. Google Account Manager –
  2. Google Services Framework –
  3. Google Play Services –
  4. Google Play Store –
  5. Google Calendar Sync –
  6. Google Contacts Sync –

Step 3: Setting up Google Play & downloading applications:

  1. Open Google Play Store and login to your Google account
  2. Download all of your Google applications like Gmail, Gboard, Calendar, Contacts, Photos, Rewards, and etc.
  3. Don’t setup Gmail just yet
  4. Make Gboard your default keyboard by disabling Fire Standard Keyboard – adb shell pm disable
  5. Download Link2SD
  6. Download Titanium Backup

Step 4: Extra Gmail steps: (This is temporary until the crashing bug has been eliminated)

  • Open Gmail but don’t do anything else yet
  • Set Fire HD to “Airplane mode” or just disconnect from wireless
  • Now go to your Gmail Settings
  • Choose your Gmail account in the next page
  • Scroll down to Data Usage and uncheck “Download attachments”
  • Set Days of mail to sync to 10 days

Step 5: Avoid any bootloops by eliminating this potential roadblock with Titanium Backup or ADB:

adb shell pm disable

Step 6: Now you’re going to need to free up some space within the /system partition. Remove these applications via Titanium Backup or ADB:

  • Kindle Special Offers – adb shell pm uninstall
  • Kid’s Silk Web Browser – adb shell pm uninstall
  • Fire Keyboard (Asian) – adb shell pm uninstall
  • Calendar – adb shell pm uninstall
  • Contacts – adb shell pm uninstall
  • Fire Tutorial – adb shell pm uninstall
  • Fire Keyboard Simplified Chinese Pack – adb shell pm uninstall
  • Amazon Retail Demo – adb shell pm uninstall
  • Home Screen Tips – adb shell pm uninstall
  • Music – adb shell pm uninstall
  • My Videos – adb shell pm uninstall
  • Amazon Cloud Photos – adb shell pm uninstall
  • Weather – adb shell pm uninstall
  • Email – adb shell pm uninstall
  • Amazon Cloud Photos Importer – adb shell pm uninstall
  • Kingsoft Office Bullshit – adb shell pm uninstall

Step 7: Open up Link2SD and go to User Applications. Convert the following apps into system apps:

  • Google
  • Google Play Store
  • Google Contacts
  • Google Contacts Sync
  • Google Calendar Sync

Step 8: Last step:

  • Reboot through Link2SD or ADB. All Google apps should function normally afterwards.

Source : xda-forums

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