Kindle Fire Change the Date and Time

kindle fire change date and timeAfter you connect to a wireless network and register your Fire tablet, your Fire tablet automatically chooses the time zone, which sets the date and time on your device. The current time is shown in the Status Bar at the top of the screen. Help for 4th Generation, 5th Generation, 6th Generation, and 7th Generation Fire Tablets.

Note: Selecting the time zone is how you set the date and time on your Fire tablet device. There is no option to set the date and time manually.

To change the time zone:

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen and then tap Settings.
  2. Tap Device Options, and then tap Date & Time.
  3. If Automatic Time Zone is turned on, your device will use a Wi-Fi or Mobile network (if available for the device) to determine the time zone. If you want to select your time zone manually, tap the switch next to Automatic Time Zone to turn it off, and then tap Select Time Zone. Select your time zone from the list that appears.

The clock will update to the date and time for that zone.

Tip: You can use the Clock app on your device to set alarms, view the current time across multiple time zones, and more. Tap the Clock app from the App Grid on the Home screen to access these features.

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