kindle fire 7th & 8th generation basic guide

Interacting with the touchscreen or hardware buttons controls most actions on your device.

Turn on your Fire Tablet

Press and hold the Power button on the top of the device for two to three seconds.

Adjust the Volume

Press the volume buttons on the top of the device to increase or decrease the volume.

Rotate the Screen

  1. Rotate your device horizontally to enter Landscape mode, or vertically to enter Portrait mode.
  2. To lock screen orientation, swipe down from the top of the screen and tap Auto-Rotate.

What’s in the box?

Your Fire tablet comes with:

  • Fire tablet
  • USB cable
  • 5 W power adapter
  • Quick Start Guide

You can purchase additional compatible accessories to use with your Fire tablet, including:

  • Micro SD card
  • Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Headphones
  • Covers
  • USB Adaptor
  • 9 W Power adaptor

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