kindle fire 6.3.4 update

I have a Kindle Fire, system version 6.3.4. update your kindle button is grayed out. cannot update as required.

Follow these steps please :

  • Update Your Kindle menu option in Settings is grayed out or you received an error message when selecting Update Your Kindle.
  • Cause: The update file is in the incorrect directory or was not transferred successfully.
  • Solution: Plug your Kindle into your computer and verify the update file is present in the root directory of your Kindle, and not in a folder.

Update appears to start, but doesn’t update the device

  • Issue: After selecting Update Your Kindle, the software update doesn’t appear to work.
  • Cause: The update file may have been renamed incorrectly or you have duplicate files.
  • Solution: Delete all of the update file(s) on your computer and Kindle and then repeat the software update process. In order to successfully update, there can be no trailing spaces or characters, such as (1), after the file name. Verify that your firewall is setup to allow the file transfer.

Follow these steps to download update.

Click the link below to download the software update to your computer: Download Software Update 6.3.4

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