important notes before Reset kindle fire

Reset kindle fire is sometimes needed because the kindle fire is not always act good. Every electronic tool that you have may get stuck, problems, error, and also other issues. You only need to fix it in order to make it run well again. However, it is not easy sometimes and also when you don’t have any technical skill. So, what you will do when your kindle get crushed? If you are still confused how to fix it, you can follow the guide below.

Guide to Reset Kindle Fire

Getting your kindle in the normal condition is good because it will help you to keep it a longer time. However, some problems may occur without notice. So, to avoid it you can prepare data backup firstly. You can reset kindle fire after backup your history, notes, and also another setting. First thing you can do is to search the setting menu.Then, you can choose the device option and also click the backup and restore.

For a better prevention, you can make daily backup when your kindle connected to Wi-Fi. You can also back up your picture, photos, videos, and also music in your kindle memory. You can use the Amazon drive because the backup in kindle will not make any copy of your data. This is a aloud based storage so you can upload and download it later after finishing the reset. Now, you can reset your kindle after backing up all your data.

first way to reset kindle fire :

  1. You can open your setting menu in your kindle.
  2. you can click the device option and choose the buttons of reset to the company default.
  3. Confirm to reset your kindle, and let it resetting on its way.
  4. You just need to wait your kindle to start again in normal way. Now, you have finished reset kindle fire and you can restore all the data you have backed up lately.

Second ways to reset kindle fire  :

You can factory reset it without having to show the password so you’ll need to hold down the power button and the volume button until it turns on. Then it turns on then after a couple seconds it will show this

it will show the Amazon System Recovery. You can move down to the option that you want to down up to wipe cache a or wipe data/factory reset’ and then press the power button and then that would we wiped out wipe out everything and you would have to start

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