How to Take Screenshot on Kindle Fire

Screenshot on kindle fire is really functional to help the users getting the information or keeping the quote from the book they have read. The screenshot moment becomes one of the most popular and most common things today. People love to screenshot anything they like such as picture, quotes, or even another people’s text. This is a trend for today’s social media life. Moreover, the teenage and youth love doing this thing and show it to their friends. It becomes today’s hottest way. However, different device has different way to take screenshot as on kindle fire.

How to Take Screenshot on Kindle Fire HD 7 and HD 8.9

If you are still wondering whether it is different or not to make a screenshot on kindle fire 7 or 8.9, you may consider this thing. Here is some guides for you to take a screenshot on kindle fire. Actually, taking screenshot on kindle fire is super easy. This is the easiest thing to do because it does not require any technical skill. You can do it by yourself and you only need to do one simple step.

screenshot kindle fireWhen your kindle fire is the latest version from 2012, you can take screenshot using the power button. You can hold your power button and also the button of volume down together. Make sure that you do it at one time. Then you can choose the object you want to take and you will get your screenshot picture. When you click the button correctly and it will make sound. It is the indication that you have succeeded.

This step is the easiest one but if you have the old version of kindle fire, you must do a complicated step. But I think, no one uses the old kindle fire because now the kindle fire itself keeps updating. So, you can take screenshot on kindle fire with the easiest step.

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