How to Get Easy Installer Kindle Fire

Easy Installer Kindle Fire, Easy Installer is one of the tools used to install applications from the APK file on the SD card. This tool allows you to know all the list of APK files on the SD card. In addition, by using this tool, you can choose what applications you want to use. To download this application, you can search for it on “Google Market” on your tablet or smart phone.

For those of you who have never used the Easy Installer feature, we recommend that you first install the Kindle Fire application on your tablet or smart phone. Why do you have to install Kindle Fire? Because the Kindle Fire application is one application that is able to support the Easy Installer feature to run quickly when used. Then how to install this application on Kindle Fire. Here’s the explanation Easy Installer Kindle Fire.

Installing Applications on Kindle Fire Google Play Application kindle fire

There are several steps you need to do to install several applications on Kindle Fire on your Android device, here we go:

  1. Open the Google Play Application on your tablet or cellphone and download ES File Explore for free.
  2. After the Explore ES File is installed, then open the Explore ES File and select the small icon located on the top left side.
  3. Then select the Application Manager menu on the available display.
  4. Select the application you want to use by checking the application icon.
  5. Then double-check the application you want to copy and tap the Backup menu at the bottom. After that, you can wait it for a few minutes until the “Backup Application Successfully” message stucks out.
  6. After all is done, move all applications that have been downloaded to the PC using a USB cable. Select the “Backup” folder and copy all the APKs.
  7. Finally open the Kindle Fire Application again to download Easy Installer to move to PC.

So there are some steps you need to do to get the Easy Installer Kindle Fire. Hopefully the above information can help you solve problems related to downloading applications on Kindle Fire.

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