How To Enable and Disable Safe Mode Kindle Fire?

Safe mode kindle fire is the mode to save your battery and to keep your kindle fire stays longer. It is very useful because it can help you to read your book anytime without having worried about the battery. This safe mode will also make you comfortable in reading the book because it will reduce your light screen. It might help you when you read in the dark place. The safe mode has many benefits. If you really want to know how to turn it on, you might follow the instruction below.

How to Turn On Safe Mode Kindle Fire

To turn on the safe mode kindle fire, you need to do some steps.

  1. The first step you can do is to hold your power button down on your kindle fire.
  2. Then, there will appear an off option. T
  3. he next step you can do is to press the option that said power off. Safe Mode Kindle Fire
  4. Inside the menu, there will be a choice and you can tap it to continue rebooting your kindle in safe mode.
  5. Then, click OK button to finish the steps.
  6. Now, you are in the safe mode.

However you can also turn off this safe mode easily when you think you don’t like it. or some people said that this safe mode is turn on accidentally when they don’t need it. To turn it off you can hold your power button on the kindle. Then, the menu will show up. You can click the turn off power and then you can let your device to reboot on the normal mode. After that, it will come back with the usual or normal mode. You now don’t use any safe mode. That’s you can control the use of safe mode kindle fire to meet with your will.

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