how to delete apps from kindle fire

delete apps from fire hd 8I want to show you how to delete an app on the new Kindle Fire HD. What you’re going to do is go to apps. and let make this first point so there’s certain apps that actually come with the Kindle that you cannot totally erase. For example : contacts, calendar, email, comstock on the Kindle Fire, so you cannot erase those.

Okay, so only stuff that you’ve already downloaded can you really erase off it. So anyway right now we’re going to erase the app any do. What you’re going to do is, put your finger on shortcut and just hold down. It’s going to ask you if you want to either add to favorites or remove it from device. click remove from device.

For the default kindle fire bundled app, you need connect your kindle fire to a computer with a USB cable, and setup ADB and then run commands in a terminal on your Windows, Mac, or Linux PC.


Enable Developer Mode on your kindle fire and then enable ADB connections:

  1. Open the kindle fire settings menu.
  2. Select Device Options.
  3. Scroll down until you see your serial number and tap it 7 times qickly.
  4. the Developer Options is ready.
  5. On the Developer Options menu, select Enable to delete apps from kindle fire

Next, open a terminal window (on a Windows computer you can do this by typing “cmd” into the Start Menu search bar) and navigate to the folder you just created.

Open the command window on windows PC by type “cmd” on search bar, type “adb devices” into the command window and hit enter. The ADB daemon can start and pop-up on your Kindle fire screen. Please approve the connection.

  1. Type “adb shell” then enter to open the shell.
  2. Type “pm list packages” then enter. You will see the list of apps installed on your kindle fire.
  3. Once you’ve found an app you want to remove, type “pm uninstall -k –user 0 packagename” where packagename is the name of the package you want to install.
  4. Type “exit” to exit the shell and “exit” again to close the terminal window/command prompt.

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