Google Login Service apk Kindle Fire

google login service apk kindle fireHow to Get Google Login Service apk Kindle Fire Easily

Most people probably already know that the Kindle Fire is one type of Android tablet specifically designed so that the applications available in it are not the same as on Android tablets in general. As is known, this type of Kindle Fire tablet does not have a Google Play application but the Amazon Store.

Although these tablet users can get various kinds of e-books on the Amazon Store, there are some applications that are not available in this place so users still have to use Google Play to get the desired application. Before finding out how Google Login Service Apk Kindle Fire, users must first install the Google Play application on the Kindle Fire tablet that is owned. The following will explain how to install the Google Play application on a Kindle Fire tablet.

How to Install the Google Play on the Kindle Fire

Actually, please note that this Google Play application will not be possible to install on this type of tablet because Amazon has made several settings that make users unable to install Google Play. But if you root it, then you can install Google Play easily and simply.

The steps are:

  1. Before installing Google Play on a Kindle Fire tablet, then you need to download and install several applications that are needed, such as Google Service Framework, Google Login Service, Google Play Services, and Google Play Store.
  2. Then install vending.apk on the system in a way, open the Explorer file and select Fast Access> Tools> Root Explore> Mount R / W> Path> System> RW.
  3. After that, install the Google Play Store by pressing the “OK” menu on the display that appears on the screen.
  4. Finally, install ADWLauncher EX on Kindle Fire which aims to detect Google Play that has been installed. Now you can enjoy the Google Login service that is already available.

So few reviews about Google Login Service Apk Kindle Fire, Hopefully the above information can help the Kindle Fire users to solve Google Play service problems on their tablets.

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