Get Started With Kindle Direct Publishing

How Could I Get Started With Kindle Direct Publishing

Kindle direct publishing or what-so-called KDP is the kind of agency retailer in where you can find your book to submit. This is the retailer service will allow the owner to get the proprietary. Moreover, for those who have this publishing certificate, they are also allowed to sell and also to make the distribution to other people. They also will be able to upload the e-book. So, they can choose which e-book can be uploaded and in what time. This is kind of a good business and also it will help many people to love reading book.

How to Use Kindle Direct Publishing

Before deciding to have the publishing license, you have to make sure that you have everything as the requirements. There will be some information you need to fill in and also you need to write the financial tax you will charge for your clients. Having Kindle direct publishing will also make you realized that you need more colleague and friends. You can spread your connection in order to get more buyers.

In using this kindle publishing, you can use a username and a password when you want to login. You can use the same account or username as the one you use to order the books. However, when you have this kindle publishing, you cannot use double account. So you only have one account for KDP.

After login, you will see your bookshelf and you can give titles for every book or topics you want. When you published your book, you can manage them at the bookshelf. There is one important thing you need to do before publishing your books. You must fill your bank account. You can fill all the information so the payment will run well. It will be really helpful for you to get your money easily when having license of kindle direct publishing.

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