How to Download YouTube Video to Kindle Fire Easily


Download YouTube Video to Kindle Fire, Do you have a hobby of watching videos on You Tube? It will be very annoying when you have to wait for video buffers when viewing videos on You Tube online. It must be a waste of time and saturation. Then how do you get to enjoy the video immediately without having to wait longer because of the video buffer.

There are various ways that you can try to be able to watch YouTube easily and quickly. One of them is that you can download to Kindle Fire before. For those of you who have never tried this method, here are the steps that you can try to Download YouTube Video to Kindle Fire easily and quickly.

  • Kindle Fire FREE on YouTube Downloader

How to Download YouTube Video to Kindle Fire EasilyThe steps that you should do at this stage are :

  1. Open the Kindle Fire in App Store and look for the “freedi” menu.
  2. Then select “FREEDI on You Tube Downloader” and choose to buy. After this the application is automatically installed on your Kindle Fire. But if you decide to not use the App Store menu, then you can download it directly and transfer it to Kindle Fire and finally install it on ED File Explore.
  • Download You Tube videos

Then you can start downloading by opening Freedi on You Tube Downloader to see a list of the latest and most popular videos. For those of you who just want to watch it, you can choose the channel menu. Whereas if you want to download videos with good quality, then you can choose Menu> Settings> Select Video Format> Download As Video.

  • Manage and watch You Tube Videos

Finally, manage and watch videos. For those of you who don’t want to be bothered with ads while watching videos, then you just have to watch it with the Kindle Fire Gallery. It’s very easy. You just need to open the Gallery on the Kindle Fire application and select the “MicroMacro-YouTube” menu. Then you can enjoy various kinds of videos that you have downloaded before.

That’s the steps that you can try to Download YouTube Video to Kindle Fire. After this you no longer need to wait longer while watching videos on You Tube.


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