Clear History Kindle Fire HD

How to Clear History Kindle Fire HD Easily

Clear History Kindle Fire HD, as is known the Kindle Fire is one of the special tablets made by Amazon’s that can run a modified version of Android. This type of tablet has a lot of advantages offered when compared to other types of tablets. But you need to know that this type of tablet cannot be used to explore various information using the Google Chrome browser application. Then how to explore the web on this tablet?

For you users of Kindle Fire tablet type, you don’t need to worry because even though you don’t have Google Chrome browser application, you can still surf the web using the Amazon search system that is already available on this tablet. You need to know that every time you browse the web using either the Google or Amazon search system, surely the history or cookies attached to your search system are cleared. if it is left unnoticed it will take up a lot of space on your Kindle Fire tablet. Then how to Clear History of Kindle Fire HD? Here’s the explanation.

Cleaning Cookies and History on Kindle Fire

There are several steps you must take to clean cookies or history on your Kindle Fire tablet, including:

  1. First is to move down from the top of the screen on the homepage, then tap the settings menu.
  2. Next you will be directed to the settings view which consists of several menus. Select the Applications and Games menu
  3. Tap the settings in the Amazon Application, select the Silk Browser menu and choose privacy
  4. Finally, select the delete data menu that appears on the screen. Before choosing the delete menu, we recommend that you check the city next to the saved password form. This will maximize the cleaning process on your Kindle tablet.

So, there are several steps that can be tried by users of Kindle Fire tablets to Clear History of Kindle Fire HD. Hope it be able to help you.

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