clean viruses from kindle fire

kindle fire virus how to removeclean viruses from kindle fire?

You might know if kindle / kindle fire is android based. Given the rarity of Kindle devices (compared to smartphones and laptops) no one would take the pain of writing a virus for Kindle. Even if someone does he’s not going to be personally benefit from that. He might, in the worst situation, crash your Kindle. But that’s not going to benefit him in any way. Also the migration of viruses from one device to another is also not possible.

A virus for a Windows platform which is typically a .exe file does not run on a Linux platform, because Linux does not recognise .exe files. If you want to write a virus for a Linux platform it should have a .tar extension.

If virus what you mean are any spam app, or any pop up or any ads. Its not virus, but it’s only spam. It doesn’t affect to your hardware, but it might be decrease your kindle performance. because to many spam load on your device.

you can remove spam app / ads using :

  1. application manager from : (Settings -> app) to manage your app. uninstall for any suspicious app
  2. download CCleaner for kindle fire to speed up kindle perform. Or the last choice (if the two steps are not successful remove spam) please use : Hard reset : please follow Hard reset kindle fire tutorial


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