Clash of Clans update for Kindle Fire

I’m going to show you how to simplify all the updates for clash of clans on your Kindle Fire. From experience that can be a real pain getting your game back online. we have clashed side loaded on the Kindle Fire especially during clan wars super starters. Yes to make sure your Kindle Fire is set up to install applications from outside the App Store. So you want to go to settings and select applications on the next screen make sure you select Yes to downloading apps from other locations.clash of clans update kindle fire

Now pull up the Silk browser and download kindle fire app updater here>>

You need to press the Tab to the left of your address bar to pull up your Internet downloads. clash of clans update kindle fire silkclash of clans update kindle fire silk 2

Click the file to install it once installed you will get this shortcut on your home screen

Now open one mobile and sir Jack’s it clash is already installed on your device as it is here just click on the icon.clash of clans update kindle fire guideclash of clans update kindle fire hdx

It’s not type clash of clans in the search window and click search you will see the option to update it the update is available simply scroll down to the description and look for the latest version. For example this one is seven point two hundred points 12. clash of clans update kindle fire hdx 2015

Unfortunately there is still no backup support or ability to buy jim’s until some agreement is reached with the developer and clashes available through Amazon until then by using this application. You will no longer have to download apk file free cloud services like mediafire.

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