charge kindle fire battery

You can charge your device with the included USB cable and power adapter. Using the power adapter, your device charges in under six hours.

Important: Charge your Fire tablet with the power adapter and USB cable that came with your device. Using another power adapter, USB cable, or charging from the USB port on your computer increases charging time.
To charge your device:
  1. Connect the micro-USB cable to your Fire tablet and to the power adapter.
  2. Then plug the power adapter into a power outlet.

Note: On Fire HDX 8.9 devices, the micro-USB cable appears slanted when connected to the USB port. The slanted USB port allows you be more comfortable when you hold the device while it is charging.

When your Fire tablet is charging, a lightning bolt appears in the battery indicator. If you don’t see a lightning bolt, your device is not charging.

image of battery charging

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