for 2nd hand kindle user : The message “Unable to Connect There was an error while registering your Kindle. Please try again later.” Solution : Must have the updated firmware installed Must have access to WiFi Must not be reported as stolen or lost Must have the correct Amazon ID…

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Add or Remove Content in Amazon FreeTime Profiles You can add and remove apps, books, movies, and TV shows in your child’s profile in Kindle FreeTime. Help for Kindle Fire (2nd Generation), Kindle Fire HD 7″ (2nd Generation), and Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ (2nd Generation). Only you can add or…

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Kindle Fire Drawing Apps is one of the applications or features available from third parties that can help you to create a beautiful and real art from just the tablet or cellphone you have. In this increasingly advanced and sophisticated era, you can enjoy a variety of features that can…

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