You can change the wallpaper shown on your Fire phone Home screen. Swivel your phone or swipe down from the top of the Home screen to open the Quick Actions panel, and then tap Settings. Tap Display > Select Home screen wallpaper > Change your Home screen wallpaper. Select a…

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I get to a web page and I repeatedly get an error message saying “tab not responding” I then have two options ” yes restore tabs” or no cancel, if I choose yes it restores the tabs but within a few seconds the error message pops back up. if I…

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You can adjust the screen bright on Kindle Oasis (9th Generation), Kindle Oasis (8th Generation), Kindle Voyage (7th Generation), Kindle Paperwhite (7th Generation), and Kindle Paperwhite (6th Generation). To adjust the screen light while reading, tap the top of the screen to show the toolbar, and then tap the Quick…

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To restart your Kindle Paperwhite (5th Generation), and any Kindle e-reader model 6th generation or newer: Press and hold the Power button for seven seconds until the Power dialog box appears. Tap Restart. Note: If the Power dialog box doesn’t appear, press and hold the power button for a full…

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The Kindle Fire can be connected to a computer for the purpose of downloading and transferring content between the devices such as ebooks, videos, photos, and other types of media. Follow the steps outlined in this article to learn how to connect your Kindle Fire to a computer. Connect the…

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Having a problem with on my network. This occurs on any device connected to my wifi. At random times, I cannot access because of a Privacy error: NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID I had found a solution before that seemed to work (flushing dns in command prompt), however now that does not…

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I’m going to be showing you how you how to cancel downloads on Amazon Kindle Fire. So let’s see : I am downloading the Blockheads, and it’s in queued : go to more >> applications >> installed applications >> appstore Force stop >> clear data Restart your kindle fire After…

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Why my kindle battery draining fast? Maybe you not using the maximum settings on your Kindle tablet. maybe a firmware update. A bug in firmware version problems to indexing the books. Best Solutions Available for Kindle Battery Life Problem make sure your Kindle firmware is up-to-date by follow : kindle…

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Power Modes on Your Kindle The Kindle has three modes for those times when you are not reading it. Familiarizing yourself with these power modes will make it easier to understand what your device is doing and how to get back to what you were reading. On: To turn on…

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Clear cache and cookies of Silk browser only : Go to the Home screen Swipe down from the top of the screen. Tap More Tap Applications Under Amazon Applications, Tap Silk Browser. Scroll down some and you’ll find ‘Clear Cache’; tap that. You might also want to tap ‘Clear Cookies…

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