can you watch vudu on kindlefire?

vudu for kindle fireIs Vudu available on the Fire Stick and/or Fire TV?

Unfortunately, no. (And in case Amazon is watching) I understand Vudu is competition. I already have Vudu and when I buy a movie at my local Walmart, the digital version automatically updates. I also have Amazon Video with a Starz subscription. I want to be able to use both. Flixter is not a good substitute. I would buy Fire TV in a heartbeat if Vudu was available. But it is not, so I feel forced into buying another Roku which is not susceptible to vendor warring.

Amazon’s answer to VUDU is Flixster. Flixster cannot access most of the TV series I have purchased from VUDU, and it is missing 28 of my movies that I own. I contacted Flixster and they said they do not have the legal rights to my missing movies. Also, Flixster doesn’t have the viewing options that VUDU does, such as scene selection, extended information on the movies, and many others. Flixster cannot at this time fulfill VUDU’s advantages.

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