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… Fire HD (2017) ADB (Optional, this ‘Lite’ package is officially provided by Google) Basic knowledge of ADB commands Downloads: Google Account Manager (You have to download this specific one since it’s the last one compatible with Lollipop!) Google Services Framework (You have to download this specific one since it’s…

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…Fire Stick Apps List, What is a Fire Stick? For users of the Kindle Fire tablet, it’s certainly no stranger to this one feature. By using Fire Stick, Kindle Fire users can enjoy the best TV shows, the latest movies, the most popular music, and live TV broadcasts using…

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…by other famous devices. Kindle Fire offers a variety of advantages, one of which is the use of a special version of the Google Android operating system or better known as the Fire OS. In addition this device also provides access to the Amazon App Store, Streaming TV, Video, and…

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…New Kindle 2018– It is one of favorite app for knowledge or education especially for young learners. Kindle is really useful for parents because they can take control of what their children do. This is so helpful as well as joyful for kids to have a new thing to…

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…Screenshot on kindle fire is really functional to help the users getting the information or keeping the quote from the book they have read. The screenshot moment becomes one of the most popular and most common things today. People love to screenshot anything they like such as picture, quotes,…

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…here i will give simple tips for “cannot open png file kindle fire issues”. You must download png viewer first from 1mobile market app (non official amazon apps). After all installation complete you can open your ong file on kindle fire using this app. Download and install 1Mobile Market

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…Easy Installer Kindle Fire, Easy Installer is one of the tools used to install applications from the APK file on the SD card. This tool allows you to know all the list of APK files on the SD card. In addition, by using this tool, you can choose what…

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…Kindle Fire Drawing Apps is one of the applications or features available from third parties that can help you to create a beautiful and real art from just the tablet or cellphone you have. In this increasingly advanced and sophisticated era, you can enjoy a variety of features that…

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…for small kids, it is educational and geared for different ages which is a nice bonus, and fun for the whole family. Barnyard help your kid to learn counting, the alphabet, shapes, and colors with colorful graphics and real animal sounds. Baryard contains 12 games in one! This free version…

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…automatically renew every week. This antivirus is very suitable for users who cannot update every time. One of the other advantages of this antivirus is that it can automatically scan files that you download. This makes the risk of getting a virus very small. Dr. Web Light Antivirus Next is…

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