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…connection setup on the laptop.or if you want you can try to download virtual hotspot for your laptop depending on its operating system (windows xp, windows 7 or windows 8)….

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open exe files from kindle fire

…Open dot exe file on kindle fire is impossible for now, but in android device we can do it? The dot exe format is a windows executable file. Íts…

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…If you want to find hidden files on kindle, follow these steps: Attach the Kindle to a computer using the USB cord. Using Windows Explorer (or whatever you use…

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Libby app for kindle fire

…any device including Mac and windows mobile. That’s it will be great to have the Libby for your kindle fire because it will serve all what you need in ease….

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kindle fire virus how to remove

…a Windows platform which is typically a .exe file does not run on a Linux platform, because Linux does not recognise .exe files. If you want to write a virus…

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how to use alexa on kindle fire

…kindle fire here if you haven’t, How Do I Talk To Alexa On My Kindle Fire or alexa for windows 10 or More kindle fire problems To Remove alexa from…

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