Amazon Appstore Is Not Working

Amazon Appstore Is Not Working is a problem most often experienced by users of the Amazon Appstore feature in the last few days. Amazon Appstore is one of the application stores available for Android systems established by Founded in 2011 makes Amazon Appstore available and can be enjoyed in almost 200 countries around the world.

However, in recent days many users have complained about problems with the system on Amazon Appstore that cannot be used or has been interrupted. Then how to fix problems related to the Amazon Appstore Not Working when you encounter it on your tablet. Here are some steps you need to do when you encounter interference with your Amazon Appstore system.

Step to Fix Amazon Appstore

Before starting to make improvements, you need to make sure the following are, among others

  1. Make sure your device is completely connected to the available wireless network. Double-check the wireless connection status on the device because if you are not connected you cannot use this Amazon Appstore to shop, buy and download content, and synchronize your device.
  2. Then check the payment method that you used again, if your method is invalid then the system cannot synchronize with the content you purchased.
  3. Deactivate the control password and synchronize your device. go to setting and swipe : Amazon Appstore Is Not Working

After checking with the steps above, then the thing you need to do to make improvements is

  1. Double-check the status of your order by opening an order and making sure that your order verification is complete.
  2. Next by selecting “Force Stop Application” to stop the working application and tap Store to enter on the Amazon Appstore menu. Then after entering the Amazon Appstore, delete some applications that you don’t need by pressing and holding the application.
  3. After cleaning, you can restart your device. Press and hold the power button for 1 minute until the device can be restarted automatically.

Those are some things you need to do if you encounter problems related to the Amazon Appstore Is Not Working on your tablet or smart phone. Hopefully the information above can help you in solving problems related to the Amazon Appstore.

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